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Welcome to T-ara Malaysia !The First Malaysian forum for T-ara,our Beast-Girls!. We will try our best to give you updates on the girls in Korea & Malaysia. We need everyone's support so please help us out in whichever way.

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#1default [RULES] General Rules! Read before posting! on Sat Mar 05, 2011 11:55 pm



✮ No bashing, sexist, racist, or generally hateful messages to anyone (especially to T-ara).

- Be respectful to everyone. Anyone who doesn't abide to this rule will be taken care of by the admin accordingly. Do not post or send anyone rude comments and messages (I don't think we need examples).
- This includes inappropriate messages and remarks on signatures and avatars.
- If you happen to recieve a hateful or offensive comment from someone, it is your right to report it to a staff member because that member disobeyed the rules and should be punished.
- Bashing other groups are not allowed aswell.
- Do not bash T-ara, if you hate them, get out of here.

✮ No pornographic or sexually profane or explicit material will be posted or discussed of in this facility.

- You know what I mean. There are members in this forum who might be of minor age, please understand it.

✮ Absolutely no self-advertising is to be made whatsoever in the forums (Except where permitted).

- Ask permission before advertising ANYWHERE in the forum.

✮ No spamming.

- Spamming is the act of posting replies or topics that are completely unrelevant to the thread or to the general concept of the board. Replies and topics that are less than 5 characters are considered as spamming as well.Double posts are allowed.The staff members will correct your post count and remove double posts. If caught spamming more than 3 times, a staff member may choose to give you a negative warn for your utter ignorance to their warnings.

✮ Do not quote images and flash materials.

- If you are quoting a reply/post that contains embedded or image material, please remove them from the quote. There are people out here that have a difficult time using this forum because it will take forever to load.

✮ All topics and replies should all be in English.

- Please keep all topics and replies in English, although we are fully aware that not all of us here can speak English perfectly, please do try hard.Don't worry because I also have bad English.

✮ D0 nOt TyP3 L!k3 Th!$.
- Don't. It's really annoying. Use the alphabet.

This is what you get if you broke the rules.


CONTENT: Signatures containing offensive content including, but not limited to, signatures that contain bashing of anyone including T-ARA or staff, banned pairings, vulgar and/or pornographic content.

FILE SIZE: Must be less than 150KB.

FONT SIZE: Any font size smaller than normal.

______________Font size 1 to 3 ONLY: Max 5 lines of text including spaces.
______________Empty line still counts as a line.

IMAGE TOTAL NUMBER: Images, graphics, gifs, icons or banners on your siggy must be THREE (3) images or less. FOR DONORS AND STAFFS,, YOU'RE ALLOWED TO USE 6 IMAGES

IMAGE DIMENSIONS: No larger than 450 (width) x 200 (height)[FOR DONORS AND STAFFS,,YOU'RE ALLOWED TO USE 500[WIDTH] X 250[HEIGHT] ]

This is what you get if you broke the siggy rules.

Please follow the rules.Thanks.

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✮ Updated the pictures and rules. Please check!


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