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Welcome to T-ara Malaysia !The First Malaysian forum for T-ara,our Beast-Girls!. We will try our best to give you updates on the girls in Korea & Malaysia. We need everyone's support so please help us out in whichever way.

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#1default [SUGGEST]Happy Birthday Projects! on Tue Mar 29, 2011 10:51 pm


okay.. before this.. we sent our messages to Boram.. and it's not successful ! :( but now..

WE HAVE Kizoa,Slideshow Maker,Free Online Slideshows! Take the messages and make 'pages' for them, then put them in an image slideshow. Then,,we'll link it to Twitter! But we also will link it to Twitter - T-aradotcom staffs! :D

I hope they'll reply or thank to us :P ! :D <3




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